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You're scheduling a Coaching one-on-one with Andre.

Service Description

This 60-minute session is your opportunity to transform your “Blahs into Ahas!” and focus on whatever challenges, questions, or situations that are appearing in your business or life. Within this session you will be provided insights, recommendations, tools, and actionable steps to help you achieve the success you desire. Web conferencing details are provided upon confirmation. $125 USD You're scheduling a Coaching one-on-one with Andre. An unmovable sounding board and ideator will provide dedicated unfiltered insight to coaching clients who understand achieving their goals will require real work. Those who fit that description might be ready for one-on-one coaching, but there's a process to follow. The steps are as follows: We'll have a 30-minute discovery call The first coaching session will last one hour An assessment of whether tasks have been completed, and a meeting to make decisions IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment if your answers to Discovery Call questions are not satisfactory. Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

  • 1 hour
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